Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm not really a big fan of the current hand towel holders on the market.

Using scrap tile, 1/4" board, and grout I made this 4 x 4 square.  Then I used a glass drill bit and added my hook.

I love how it turned out!

I made an extra rack for guest and swim towels...

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


  I found this beauty on the street in my neighborhood.  Beauty because the wood inside was hardwood and it's size.

Can't beat free.  It's perfect for my new closet idea.

The old closet.
When we moved in it didn't have doors. We never bothered.  

My plans.
My grandpa would roll over in his grave if he saw my hand drawings not on graph paper or computer drafted.   I find chicken scratches work fine for me.

The closet with the dresser installed...

I removed the hardware and filled all the holes.

I have the most AMAZING DAD!  I DID NOT rebuild this closet. He did.  I was working on the dining room table: sanding, upholstering, and painting.  I would come help hold things, help knock them out, but he did the brunt of the building. LOVE HIM!
We removed the header, and shelf. Next we built a new shelf that went all the way out to the edge. We also moved up the clothing bar.  There is a support beam in the middle but not shown.

I did paint, mud and install the doors. My dad had to return to his farm, but it was super nice to have help.

From dresser to built in closet. Now I need to install the new outlet..

The dresser definitely has a mid-century modern feel to it now.

Monday, February 1, 2016


The original was bought at an estate sale of the original owner of THE GOLDEN NUGGET.

I fell in love with the pink....not really but I loved the lines.

Love this chair!

 Upon removing the paint with a heat gun, I came across a suprise.  The middle of the table was set with white veneer and the wood was walnut.  I kept going and hoped there weren't any scratches in it.

The table is finished.  Sanding the chair. The original came with two benches, two end chairs, and two miss-matched small tables.  I wanted to have four benches. I got rid of the small tables that didn't match (were not walnut).  So I needed to build two benches.  Off to use Brian's Wood Shop.

We went to the local hardware store and bought more walnut, and got to work.  The dowel legs were special ordered from .  They had the absolute best price for walnut.

After building, and sanding was time to finish.  I did not finish with oil.....I have I choose to clear coat it to help protect it.  Of course I purchased the fabric in LA. 

My new mid century modern walnut table.  Cost 100.00 from estate find and $300.00 in new wood and fabric supplies.

Not too bad for a mid century walnut table.  Feel free to google the going price for a table like this :)

Now all I need to do is redecorate the room and chandelier.

Friday, January 22, 2016


What to do with a ball that won't hold air?

Cut it up of course...

..into a HAT! 

..or a tie

I'm sure it's everyone's dream to own a rubber tie..

Or perhaps some jewelry... maybe not.  Unless you are a big Cirque du Soleil fan! The ball came from the show ZARKANA!


This small narrow room was awkward for a normal couch.  I decided to build one to fit the space with storage under it.

I designed it to fit, two high and 4 wide of # 10 cans.

It's attached to the wall, chair rail style for additional space.  I had to extend the wall vent.

The doors were planned to fit a box of 6 #10 cans. 

I had to combine colors of stain to match the existing wood already in the room.

Walmart was having a sale on memory foam king mattresses. I bought two; and, had enough foam for all the cushions. Of course, I purchased the fabric from the LA fabric mart.

Finished!  We now have space for two visitors to sleep comfortably :)

Our Southwestern room/couch....cuz we live in VEGAS baby!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


This beauty has kept my couch nice through two toddlers. We threw it in the wash one time too many.

No worry....this is simple sewing.  Three rectangles and you have a new and improved arm cover!  

Friday, September 26, 2014


I love it when people give me their old sewing things.  You should not use old thread when sewing because it can break and disintegrate.  So what should you do with it?

MAKE AN ART PROJECT OUT OF IT! My daughters helped me paint shadowboxes. I had some old ones my Aunt gave me.

I liked them so much; that, I decided to buy some more. I got these clear picture frames from Michaels.